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Fabriano Gentile dasee: Gentile da Fabriano

Fechin Nicolai Ivanovich (1881-1955)

·         Fechin. The Philosopher (c. 1937, Washington, Smithsonian American Art Museum)

Feti Domenico (c. 1589-1623)

·         Feti. Melancholy (c. 1620, Paris, Mus?e du Louvre)

·         Feti. Melancholy (c. 1622, Venice, Gallerie dell’Accademia)

·         Feti. Portrait of a Scholar (Dresden, Gem?ldegalerie)

Feuerbach Anselm (1829-1880)

·         Feuerbach. Dante in the Underworld ()

·         Feuerbach. Plato’s Symposium (1869, Karlsruhe, Staatliche Kunsthalle)

·         Feuerbach. Plato’s Symposium (1873, Berlin, Alte Nationalgalerie)

F?vret de Saint-M?min Charles-Balthazar-Julien (1770-1852)

·         F?vret de Saint-M?min. Thomas Jefferson (1804, Worcester, Massachusetts, Art Museum)

Filarete (Antonio di Pietro Averlino, 1400-1469)

·         Filarete. Equestrian Statue of Marcus Aurelius (1465, Dresden, Staatliche Kunstsammlungen)

Flewelling Ralph Carlin (1894-?)

Mosaics in the Main Reading Room of James Harmon Hoose Library of Philosophy (1929, Los Angeles, The University of Southern California, Mudd Hall of Philosophy; mosaics, except unidentified two, designed by Ralph Carlin Flewelling, subject matter and inscriptions suggested by Ralph Tyler Flewelling, 1871-1960)

·         Flewelling Ralph Carlin. Albertus Magnus: The creation in time is a revelation of the eternal acting of God.

·         Flewelling Ralph Carlin. Anaxagoras: Mind is infinite and self-ruled.

·         Flewelling Ralph Carlin. Aristotle: Dear is Plato, dearer still is truth.

·         Flewelling Ralph Carlin. Augustine: Thou hast made us for thyself and our hearts are restless till they rest in thee.

·         Flewelling Ralph Carlin. Berkeley: Westward the course of empire takes its way, time’s noblest offspring is the last.

·         Flewelling Ralph Carlin. Buddha: To the man who does me wrong I will return the protection of my most ungrudging love.

·         Flewelling Ralph Carlin. Confucius: He who knoweth the truth is not as good as he who loveth it: and he who loveth it is not as good as he who delighteth in it.

·         Flewelling Ralph Carlin. Democritus: The fatherland of the wise and the good is the whole world.

·         Flewelling Ralph Carlin. Descartes: Cogito ergo sum (I think therefore I am).

·         Flewelling Ralph Carlin. Emerson: Great men are they who see that spiritual is stronger than any material force.

·         Flewelling Ralph Carlin. Epicurus: If you live according to nature you will never be poor.

·         Flewelling Ralph Carlin. Hegel: A nation which has no metaphysics is like a temple possessing no holy of holies.

·         Flewelling Ralph Carlin. Heraclitus: For the most part the things divine escape us because of our unbelief.

·         Flewelling Ralph Carlin. Kant: Mind is supreme and the universe is but the reflected thought of God.

·         Flewelling Ralph Carlin. Leibniz: It is God who is the final reason of things.

·         Flewelling Ralph Carlin. Locke: Thinking is the action and not the essence of the soul.

·         Flewelling Ralph Carlin. Newton: I have been like a boy playing on the seashore whilst the great ocean of truth lay all undiscovered before me.

·         Flewelling Ralph Carlin. Plato: The first and best victory is to conquer self.

·         Flewelling Ralph Carlin. Protagoras: Man is the measure of the universe.

·         Flewelling Ralph Carlin. Socrates: No evil can befall a good man either here or hereafter.

·         Flewelling Ralph Carlin. Spinoza: To perfect the understanding is nothing else but to understand God.

·         Flewelling Ralph Carlin. Thales: It is difficult to know thyself, it is easy to advise others.

Other Works

·         Flewelling Ralph Carlin. Diogenes in Search for an Honest Man (1928, Los Angeles, The University of Southern California, Mudd Hall of Philosophy)

o        Diogenes in Search for an Honest Man (an alternative view)

Foppa Vincenzo (1427/30-1515/16)

·         Foppa. Altarpiece (1476, Milan, Pinacoteca di Brera)

o        St. Bonaventure (Giovanni di Fidanza, c. 1217-1274)

·         Foppa. St. Augustine (1465-1470, Milan, Castello Sforzesco)

·         Foppa. The Young Cicero Reading (c. 1464, London, Wallace Collection)

Fossano Ambrogio di Stefano, dasee: Borgognone Ambrogio

Fragonard Jean-Honor? (1732-1806)

·         Fragonard Jean-Honor?. Portrait of a Man (Denis Diderot) (c. 1769, Paris, Mus?e du Louvre)

Francia (Francesco di Marco di Giacomo Raibolini, 1450-1517/18)

·         Francia. Adoration of the Child (Bologna, Pinacoteca Nazionale)

o        St. Augustine (Aurelius Augustinus, 354-430)

o        St. Augustine (detail)

·         Francia. Madonna del Bentivoglio (Bologna, San Giacomo Maggiore)

o        St. Augustine (Aurelius Augustinus, 354-430)

o        St. Augustine (detail)

·         Francia. Madonna Enthroned with Child and Four Saints: Detail showing St. Augustine (Bologna, Pinacoteca Nazionale)

·         Francia. Madonna with Child, Sts. John the Baptist, Monica, Augustine, Francis, Proclus, Sebastian and the Donor Bartolomeo Felicini ()

·         Francia. The Infancy and Death of Christ: Detail showing St. Augustine (Bologna, Pinacoteca Nazionale)

Francesco di Cristofanosee: Franciabigio

Franciabigio (Francesco di Cristofano, c. 1482-1525)

·         Franciabigio. The Triumph of Cicero (c. 1520, Poggio a Caiano, Villa Medici)

o        Marcus Tullius Cicero (106-43 B. C.)

Francken Frans (the Elder) (1542-1616)

·         Francken Frans (the Elder). Jesus among the Doctors: Triptych (1587, Antwerp, The Cathedral of Our Lady)

o        St. Ambrose Baptising St. Augustine: The triptych left wing

o        St. Augustine (Aurelius Augustinus, 354-430)

Francken Frans (the Younger) (1581-1642)

·         Francken Frans (the Younger). The Five Senses (1620, private collection)

Furck Sebastiansee Bibliotheca Chalcographica



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