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Philosophy and Philosophers in Art


Katsura Aleksandr Vasilyevich (born 1941)

·         Katsura. Starry Heavens Above (Immanuel Kant) (1994, the artist’s property, currently on display at the Russian Philosophical Society headquarters, Moscow, Institute of Philosophy, The Russian Academy of Sciences)

* “Two things fill the mind with ever new and increasing admiration and awe, the oftener and the more steadily we reflect on them: the starry heavens above and the moral law within” (Kant, The Critique of Practical Reason)

·         Katsura. Three Levels of Being (Hegel) (1976, the artist’s property, currently on display at the Russian Philosophical Society headquarters, Moscow, Institute of Philosophy, The Russian Academy of Sciences))

o        Empty Being

* “Being, pure being, without any further determination” (Hegel, Science of Logic)

o        Otherness

** «Otherness thus appears as a determination alien to the determinate being thus characterised, or as the other outside the one determinate being; partly because a determinate being is determined as other only through being compared by a third, and partly because it is only determined as other on account of the other which is outside it, but is not an other on its own account. At the same time, as has been remarked, every determinate being, even for ordinary thinking, determines itself as an other, so that there is no determinate being which is determined only as such, which is not outside a determinate being and therefore is not itself an other» (Hegel, Science of Logic)

o        Being-for-self

*** “Being-for-self consists in having so transcended limitation, its otherness, that it is, as this negation, the infinite return into itself Being-for-self is the polemical, negative attitude towards the limiting other, and through this negation of the latter is a reflectedness-into-self…” (Hegel, Science of Logic)

Kauffmann Angelica Maria Anna Katarina (1741-1807)

·         Kauffmann. Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (1787/88, Weimar, The Goethe National Museum)

·         Kauffmann. The Farewell of Abelard and H?lo?se (1780, St. Petersburg, The Hermitage)

o        Peter Abelard (Pierre Ab?lard, 1079-1142)

o        H?lo?se (Abelards wife, c. 1098-1164)

* … after our little son was born, we left him in my sister’s care, and secretly returned to Paris. A few days later, in the early morning, having kept our nocturnal vigil of prayer unknown to all in a certain church, we were united there in the benediction of wedlock her uncle and a few friends of his and mine being present. We departed forthwith stealthily and by separate ways, nor thereafter did we see each other save rarely and in private, thus striving our utmost to conceal what we had done. But her uncle and those of his household, seeking solace for their disgrace, began to divulge the story of our marriage, and thereby to violate the pledge they had given me on this point. Heloise, on the contrary, denounced her own kin and swore that they were speaking the most absolute lies. Her uncle, aroused to fury thereby, visited her repeatedly with punishments. No sooner had I learned this than I sent her to a convent of nuns at Argenteuil, not far from Paris, where she herself had been brought up and educated as a young girl. I had them make ready for her all the garments of a nun, suitable for the life of a convent, excepting only the veil, and these I bade her put on. When her uncle and his kinsmen heard of this, they were convinced that now I had completely played them false and had rid myself forever of Heloise by forcing her to become a nun (Abelard, Historia Calamitatum [The Story of My Misfortunes]).

Kaulbach Hermann (1846-1909)

·         Kaulbach Hermann. Allegory of Wisdom and Justice (1888, private collection)

Kaulbach Wilhelm, von (1821-1905)

·         Kaulbach. Goete and the Muse (1880s)

·         Kaulbach. Goete in Frankfurt (1880s)

·         Kaulbach. Goete in Weimar (1880s)

Kiprensky Orest Adamovich (1782-1836)

·         Kiprensky. Portrait of J. W. Goethe (1823, Moscow, The Pushkin Museum of Fine Art)

·         Kiprensky. Portrait of the Poet V. A. Zhukovsky (granduncle to Ivan Vasilyevich Kireyevsky, 1783-1852) (1815, Moscow, The Tretyakov Gallery)

Klimt Gustav (1862-1918)

·         Klimt. Margaret Stoneborough-Wittgenstein (sister to Ludwig Wittgenstein)

Kolbe Heinrich Christoph (1771-1836)

·         Kolbe Heinrich Christoph. Goethe as a Poet and Artist in Front of Vesuvius (1826, Jena, The Thuringian University and State Library)

Koninck Salomon (1609-1656)

·         Koninck. A Philosopher (1635, Madrid, Museo del Prado)

Kracker Jan (Johann) Lucas (1719-1779)

·         Kracker Jan Lucas. The Dispute between St. Catherine of Alexandria and the Philosophers (1775, Budapest, Hungarian National Gallery)

Kramskoy Ivan Nikolayevich (1837-1887)

·         Kramskoy. Portrait of Leo Tolstoy (1873, Moscow, The Tretyakov Gallery)

o        Portrait of Leo Tolstoy (detail)

·         Kramskoy. Portrait of the Philosopher and Poet Vladimir Solovyov (1885, St. Petersburg, The Russian Museum)

Kraus Georg Melchior (1737-1806)

·         Kraus Georg Melchior. Goethe (1775/76, Weimar, The Weimar Classics Foundation)

·         Kraus Georg Melchior. Goethe (1776, Weimar, The Weimar Classics Foundation)

·         Kraus Georg Melchior. Goethe as Orestes and Corona Schr?ter as Iphigeneia (in the first performance of Goethe’s Iphigeneia in Tauris on 6 April 1779) (1779)

·         Kraus Georg Melchior. The Evening Society at the Duchess Anna Amalia’s of Saxe-Weimar-Eisenach (“The Table Company”) (c. 1795, Weimar, The Goethe National Museum)

o        Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (1749-1832)

o        Johann Gottfried von Herder (1744-1803)

o        Other Persons:

§         Duchess Anna Amalia of Saxe-Weimar-Eisenach (1739-1807)

K?gelgen Franz Gerhard, von (1772-1820)

·         K?gelgen Franz Gerhard. Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (1808/09, Tartu, The University Library)

·         K?gelgen Franz Gerhard. Portrait_of_Friedrich_Schiller (1808-1809, Frankfurt am Main, The Goethe Museum)

Kustodiev Boris Mikhailovich (1878-1927)

·         Kustodiev. Portrait of Nikolay Konstantinovich Roerikh (1913, St. Petersburg, The Russian Museum)