Fundamentals of Philosophy: PowerPoint Presentations of Lectures












Fundamentals of Philosophy

PowerPoint Presentations of Lectures
(in Russian)


o   Topic 1. The Nature of Philosophical Knowledge and the Functions of Philosophy (PowerPoint 97-2003: 1,10 MB; PowerPoint 2007: 884 KB).

o   Topic 2. Early Greek Philosophy of Nature (932 KB).

o   Topic 3. Ancient Atomism: Substantiation of Materialism (855 KB).

o   Topic 4. Plato: Substantiation of Idealism (1.45 MB).

o   Topic 5, part 1. Aristotle’s Philosophy: Ontology (1.8 MB).

o   Topic 5, part 2. Aristotle’s Philosophy: Epistemology and Logic (PowerPoint 97-2003: 1,82 MB; PowerPoint 2007:495 KB).

o   Topic 6. Epicureans and Stoics (1.66 MB).

o   Topic 7. Ancient Scepticism (833 KB).

o   Topic 8. Medieval Philosophy: Patristic Period (645 KB).

o   Topic 9. Medieval Philosophy: Scholasticism (2.12 MB).

o   Topic 10. Bacon: Substantiation of Empiricism (1.41 KB).

o   Topic 11. Descartes and Spinoza: Substantiation of Rationalism (1.21 MB).

o   Topic 12. Locke and Leibniz: Ontological Foundations and the Nature of Knowledge (700 KB).

o   Topic 13. Berkeley and Hume: Subjective Idealism (1.34 MB).

o   Topic 14, part 1. Kant: Transcendental Aesthetic and Transcendental Analytic (957 KB).

o   Topic 14, part 2. Kant: Transcendental Dialectic and Ethics (712 KB).

o   Topic 15. Hegel: Absolute Idealism (699 KB).

o   Topic 16. Feuerbach and Marx: The Outcome of Classical German Philosophy (611 KB).

o   Topic 17. Russian Philosophy in the 19th Century (2.15 MB).


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