Nikolai Biryukov: Professional Connections


·        The Russian [Republican] “Znanie” [“Knowledge”] Society (the USSR)
Lecturer (1978-1988)

·        The Eighth International Congress on Logic, Methodology and Philosophy of Science (Moscow, the USSR)
Interpreter (1987)

·        Analytical Centre for Problems of Socioeconomic and Scientific/Technological Development
(in 1993 renamed Centre for Analysis of Scientific and Industrial Policies), the Russian Academy of Sciences (Moscow, Russia)
Senior Researcher (1991-1997)

·        Making Parliament and Its Fractions Work: Seminar for Members of the Russian Supreme Soviet
sponsored by the Know-How Fund, the
Westminster Foundation for Democracy and the University of Leeds (London – Leeds, the United Kingdom)
Simultaneous Translator (1993)

·        The University of Leeds (Leeds, the United Kingdom)
Visiting Scholar (1993)
Research Collaborator (1993-1996)

·        The University of Princeton (Princeton, the USA)
Visiting Scholar, International Studies Program Title VI (1993)

·        Uppsala University (Uppsala, Sweden)
Visiting Scholar (1994)

·        The State Duma,
Committee on Education, Science and Culture
Subcommittee on Science (Moscow, Russia)
Expert (1994-1995)

·        The Swedish Peace and Arbitration Society (Stockholm, Sweden)
Visiting Lecturer (1996)

·        The Russian Foundation for Basic Research (Moscow, Russia)
Expert (1996-2002)

·        Moscow University Touro (Moscow, Russia)
Lecturer (1997)

·        Moscow International School of Translation and Interpreting (Moscow, Russia)
Lecturer (1998-2003)

·        The United Nations, Department of Economic and Social Affairs
Workshop on Innovation in the Delivery and Financing of Social Services (New York, the USA)
Expert (1998)

·        The Russian State University of Humanities (Moscow, Russia)
Faculty of Philosophy, Political Science and Law
Lecturer (2001-2005)

·        Institute of Journalism and Literary Work (Moscow, Russia)
Lecturer (2003-2004)

·        Asia-Pacific Center for Security Studies (Honolulu, Hawaii, the U.S.A.)
Executive Course 03-3
Fellow (2003)

·        Bulletin of the Russian Philosophical Society (Moscow, Russia)
Member, Editorial Board (since 2004)

·        Provisional World Parliament
delegate member, the Ninth Session (2006)