Alternatives and Imperatives of Globalisation (in Russian)



Nikolai Biryukov

Al’ternativy i imperativy globalizatsii

[Alternatives and Imperatives of Globalisation]

A Review of M. T. Stepaniants (ed.), Sravnitel’naya filosofiya [M. T. Stepaniants (ed.), Comparative Philosophy] (M.: Vostochnaya literatura, 2000) (Sravnitel’naya filosofiya, Vyp. 1) [Comparative Philosophy, Issue 1], 344 p.; and M. T. Stepaniants (ed.), Universalii vostochnykh kul’tur [M. T. Stepaniants (ed.), Universals of Oriental Cultures] (M.: Vostochnaya literatura, 2001) (Istoriya vostochnoy filosofii) [History of Oriental Philosophy], 431 p.

o        Published in Siniy Divan, No. 2 (Moscow: Modest Kolerov and Tri Quadrata Publishers, 2003), pp. 182-188.

[Blue Divan, No. 2]

o        The Russian text available Siniy Divan website.

o        Presented at the International Conference on The Harmony of World/Peace and the Perfection of Man in the Philosophies/Weltanschauungs of the Peoples of the World (Russia, India, China and the Related Countries) (Moscow, Museum of Oriental Art, 20-22 May 2003)

Complete Text (in Russian)