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·       Art lovers are recommended to visit the following online museums:

o      Art Renewal Center, a mammoth website comprising (as of March 2005) more than 40,000 images of almost 4,000 artists. The quality is unrivalled, some images are almost real-sized (up to 5 mb).The site’s focus is on the 19th-century Academic painting. The Renaissance is less represented, and what there is comes basically from Web Gallery of Art; however, this section is expanding rapidly, and mainly through high-resolution images. Contemporary realism is also available, but this is basically limited to the U.S. What you will not find here is Modernist art, obviously repugnant to the website managers (as it is to me).

o      Insecula seeks to make whole museums available in the Internet (though they are as yet at the beginning of a long journey). Best represented at the moment are Paris museums. Images are of modest size, but work of sculpture are usually shown from a number of different perspectives. (I know of no other Internet collection of French sculpture, monumental included).

o      Web Gallery of Art specializes in Renaissance art (not going beyond the 18th century). This is, to my knowledge, the best (though, by no means, exhaustive) collection of Italian Renaissance. Images, though not large, are of very high quality.

·       Pinacotheca Philosophica: Philosophy and Philosophers in Art is part of this website. It now has more than 1,000 images, both authentic and imaginary, of almost 200 philosophers (works by more than 250 artists).


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